About RDC

What Is Research Development

Research Development* at Illinois includes a range of activities: identifying and disseminating funding opportunities; developing grant/contract proposals; building research teams; interacting with funding agencies and institutional research administration and leadership; interacting with institutional federal and philanthropic relations; and communications and outreach activities and training.

*Text borrowed heavily from the National Organization of Research Development Professionals

What Do We Do?

The group has four distinct, but interrelated, charges:

  • To share information about policies, events, and opportunities that affect the Illinois research community
  • To develop and maintain templates, processes and best practices for supporting Illinois researchers
  • To build and support member literacy in a range of topics related to research development
  • To collaborate with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) and the campus research community to identify research development challenges and support changes that enhance campus-wide research development activities

How Are We Structured?

RDC is managed jointly by a representative from the OVCR’s Office of Proposal Development and a member of the RDC community. The Chair for the 2019-20 Academic Year is Maggie Berg from IHSI.

The RDC Leadership Team meets regularly to coordinate activities in four key areas:

Infrastructure. Provide information about centralized resources for researchers. Activities could include developing best practices documentation, providing content for online boilerplate repositories, or enhancing access to information about user facilities and shared research equipment.

Professional Development and Networking. Plan and implement activities for research development professionals. Activities could include workshops to enhance proposal development, inviting guest speakers for seminars, or RD networking meet-ups.

Training and Education. Develop programming about grantsmanship and proposal development for principal investigators and researchers. This could include planning trainings and developing tip sheets for new investigators to familiarize them with campus processes, and hosting webinars or video conference discussions with policy partners or funding agencies.

Research Communications. Research Communications Council collaborates with the other three groups on promotion, outreach, and engagement activities relevant to research development activities on campus.